Thursday, January 31, 2013

Starting to Talk Metal

Exciting conversations are starting with a local shop that might end up making gauges for me. I've wanted to make Girly Gauges out of metal plugs for a while, but trying to find a good wholesaler with a solid front and hollow inside has been difficult to find. I also want to support my local economy as much as I can. With both of those reasons and wanting to have a more proffessional and unified product I sent out about 40 emails to shops in my area. I received maybe 10 responses back 8 saying they weren't capable/interested, 1 saying I would need to create the C.A.D. work first and then they would talk to me, and 1 called to ask me what they could do to help. It's always wonderful to have a sales guy actually be interested in helping you. Long story short I'm in the midst of figuring out pricing and quantity. I'm really looking forward to what this could mean for Girly Gauges. Stay tuned for updates on this opportunity!

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