Thursday, February 14, 2013

How to decide how much product to have on hand?

Wow, so busy life hits us hard. I think this is normal for me because I expect things to happen faster/more efficiently than they do. So, other than being busy with sewing projects/work, I'm happy to say that I sold my first pair of gauges for the year. The gorgeous vintage Magnolias found a new home. 

Such a happy day for any creator.

I think I will wait till I sell one more pair of gauges and then make another 4 sets. I know I need more selection. How would you choose how many to make and what styles? 

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Starting to Talk Metal

Exciting conversations are starting with a local shop that might end up making gauges for me. I've wanted to make Girly Gauges out of metal plugs for a while, but trying to find a good wholesaler with a solid front and hollow inside has been difficult to find. I also want to support my local economy as much as I can. With both of those reasons and wanting to have a more proffessional and unified product I sent out about 40 emails to shops in my area. I received maybe 10 responses back 8 saying they weren't capable/interested, 1 saying I would need to create the C.A.D. work first and then they would talk to me, and 1 called to ask me what they could do to help. It's always wonderful to have a sales guy actually be interested in helping you. Long story short I'm in the midst of figuring out pricing and quantity. I'm really looking forward to what this could mean for Girly Gauges. Stay tuned for updates on this opportunity!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Coffee and Creative Thought
A wonderful school mate and I sat down the other day to talk about my clothing line Commuty. Little did I know that we would brainstorm about Girly Gauges. (OH, started a separate Facebook page)

Jamal started Desiar a couple years back. He was kind enough to sit down with me and share a bit of the knowledge that he has concerning the crazy industry known as fashion. He reminded me about telling a story. This couldn't fit Girly Gauges any better! As silly as I feel sometimes making such a big deal about big lobes and the accessories to fit them, I always feel proud reminding people that when they see my expression through a beautiful set of earrings, that they really are surprised that they are gauges. BEST FEELING EVER!

That feeling, is what drives what I do for big lobed women everywhere. I love having gauges. I wouldn't trade it for any accessory, now I don't have to. I feel edgy, chic, and a little mysterious when I wear Girly Gauges. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy my tunnels, having the shock factor every once in a while. In general, however, getting to show off my unique style is what make me, me.

On the Etsy front, I cannot set up a separate Etsy account just for Girly Gauges. Hopefully one day the account will be available. I have started gaining some traction again. SO Good. I have even had a request for custom gauges for a wedding in April. So, I thought I would post a listing for Custom Special Event Gauges. What do you think?

I would love some feedback on this. How much would you pay for custom Girly Gauges? How much would you want me to work with you?

Stay Girly My Friends.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

More, More, More

On Etsy

On Etsy

On Etsy

On Etsy

On Etsy

Competition? AH I Don't Want to Know!

When I decided to start Girly Gauges, it was because there was a huge gap in the gauges market. I was absolutely certain that I could help fill that gap and give me, my friends, acceptances, and strangers, beautiful options for accessories. This was back in 2011, I started making my gauges and started selling and testing the market. I didn't do great, but I was starting and doing what I loved.

After a short time, I decided to stop working on the growing of Girly Gauges, it soon fell away and seemed to be forgotten. Once I was back on my feet instead of my bicycle (the summer of 2012 I rode across the US) I took a look at what was out there. A little to my surprise/ disappointment, someone else had taken a notice of the gap, and then another, and another. It seems that there are 4 other main vendors on Etsy who have taken note of this. I got frustrated, annoyed, and angry with myself for playing catch up. So for the rest of the year (2012) I chose not to do anything about it. I sulked.

The new year rolled around and with it a new resolve for me to be stubborn. I decided that I was going to make it work despite my competition. I started by making and posting. There are some real beauties up there! I've had some of my postings up for 4 days. I wish I could say I am a patient person who doesn't prefer instant gratification. So as I watch another day pass with no sales, I get anxious. I get paranoid that maybe my competition has filled the gap.

So what's a girl to do when there's competition on the loose?

How much do I look into their strategies, pricing, products?

How long do I stay in the game? What kind of goals do I set while keeping in mind my competition?

These are just a few of the questions I have for a market and a product I thought I had a grasp on. I think the important part is to name these questions, think through the fears, realize what is realistic and what is pessimism. As much as I am learning about business, and how much more I can learn, I am convinced that so much of it is a distinct stubbornness to make it work.  As I learn more, I will share my strategies on how to view competition.

Until next time, I'll leave you with my favorite recent post of gauges.

For Sale on Etsy

Until next time my little hell raisers,
Stay girly,

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year, New Commitment

I'm BACK! Finally. I have worked up my stubbornness for this year and I'm not gonna let it go without a good fight. "A little agressive?" you might think. Yes and No. I find that I am not doing something whole heartedly until I have gotten a resolve to be incredibly stubborn with it. I went through a lot of different challenges this past year with Girly Gauges. They mostly seem trivial now, but I will share 2 that are the most distinct in my mind.
  1. I really wanted to be able to cast or produce acrylic gauges myself. The reason that this was a challenge for me is that I dragged my feet for so long trying to figure it out that when I finally did around October that it wouldn't make sense for me to do that... I was... hmmm.... uh really annoyed with myself. I still want to continue working with wood, however I would like to find a wholesale acrylic that would suit your needs as well. Sometimes I really like switching between organic and non organic plugs. 
  2. I found another Etsy store that does something really simular to me. Although I am absolutely happy with my designs and my goals, it was somewhat disorienting coming back from my year long hiatus only to find that someone else had found the niche and was taking my place. Melo dramatic I know! 

Through both of these challenges, I was able to step back and take a second look at what I was doing. Which wasn't much. I needed to step up my game. I will step up my game. In the midst of me deciding that I wanted to do this, I had a light bulb flicker on in my mind... it's one of those that you can't believe you didn't think of it before. I'll give you a hint. It has something to do with sizing, and not limiting you to only looking for your size. You're intrigued I know, but believe it or not, I'm going to make you wait for this. I hate to be so mean about this, but I really am excited to give you a bit of a surprise.

Stay Stubborn,
Stay Girly!

With Love,